How often should I have my driveway seal coated/crack filled?
In general, asphalt should be sealed every 2-4 years, depending on the amount and type of wear, traffic, weather, etc.. Let the seal coating wear before having the driveway sealed again to prevent build up, which can lead to chipping and flaking if the seal coating has not had adequate time to wear. Conditions of chipping/flaking sealer will not stop by applying more sealer. Crack filling can be checked on a yearly basis to help maintain the driveway. Surfaces sealed for the first time may need to have sealer reapplied the next year, as the sealer may not last as long after the first application.
Will seal coating fill the low spots on my driveway where water accumulates?
No, seal coating is a protective coating that does not have the capabilities of leveling asphalt. Seal coating will not change the texture of your asphalt. It is a protective coating and not a resurfacing. Holes, pitting, cracks, depressions, etc., will still be visible after a seal coating application. Please let us know if you need an estimate for an asphalt repair.
Do I have to be home on the day my driveway work is scheduled?
No, as long as the driveway is clear of all vehicles, Alan's can complete your job and send you an invoice in the mail.
How long should I stay off the driveway after services are completed?
The usual time required to stay off the surface of your driveway is 24 hours after the drive has been sealed.
Do I need to turn off my sprinkler system prior to work being completed?
Yes, sprinklers should be turned off 24 hours prior to start of work and left off 24 hours after the completion of work.
Will Alan’s Asphalt Maintenance, Inc. block off my driveway after services are completed?
Yes, Alan’s will take care of blocking off the driveway for you.
I just had my driveway paved. How long should I wait before I have my driveway seal coated?
Asphalt should be sealed within the first year of installation. However, it should be allowed to cure for at least 90 days.

*Alan’s Asphalt Maintenance, Inc. cannot guarantee seal coating on driveways that have areas of standing water or receive little or no sunlight. Seal coating needs sunlight to cure properly.